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Impact Assessment

We support public authorities in designing better policies, so that they  meet the objectives at minimum cost and deliver maximum benefits. Our team is specialised in Cost Benefit Analysis, Cost Effectiveness Analysis, Multi-Criteria Analysis and other analytical methodologies

Evaluation and Fitness Check

By collecting and analysing information about the performance of policies, we ensure that their objectives continue to be met without imposing unnecessary burdens on businesses, authorities and the society at large

Stakeholders' consultation

We carry out extensive stakeholders' consultations, so to guarantee openness and transparency, while informing the policy-making process with the best available evidence

Development of indicators

We assist policy-makers in monitoring progress and performance of their interventions while better communicating the information to the public

Socio-Economic Analysis

We help businesses and authorities in establishing the true value of products. We are specialised in applying SEA in the context of the REACH authorisation and restriction processes

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